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VLife Xtreme Sports Workout 20+

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Our new advanced VLife Xtreme Sports Workout 20+ can give your body a special boost.

Formulated with excellence care to promote the health of Muscles, Tissues and Metabolism. It can be very powerful in:

  • Muscle recovery
  • Healthy blood circulation
  • Healthy joints and tendon
  • Stronger endurance
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VLife Xtreme Sports Workout: a Powerful Systemic Enzyme Blend

The Xtreme Sports Workout formulation has been commercially available since 1999 and is the most successful, non-animal derived, systemic enzyme blend on the market today. 

The most important factor to look at before purchasing a Systemic Enzyme blend is that Systemic enzyme blends must be formulated professionally for maximum effectiveness and that the serrapeptase, sourced from the bacterium serratia marcescens and the key ingredient in the original Full-Strength Xtreme Sports Workout, must be enteric coated so it can pass the acid environment of the stomach without being damaged.

Our original Systemic Enzyme Formula Xtreme Sports Workout is a proven systemic enzyme therapy for total body health. A powerful blend of Serrapeptase, proteases and herbs, Xtreme Sports Workout supports the body’s natural response to inflammation, metabolic activity, joints, and circulation. The Xtreme Sports Workout formula has been used for more than a decade by thousands of people as a daily supplement.

VLife Xtreme Sports Workout: For Total body Support

Total body support can include a multitude of functions to benefit the body. Specifically, elimination of potentially harmful substances from the body is crucial for optimal health. A variety of health issues can develop if unwanted substances within the body are impairing the function or availability of enzymes. When this occurs, the body does not produce an adequate amount of proteolytic enzymes to attack the large accumulation of CIC’s.  While enzymes occur naturally, as we age they begin to be produced less and less. Supplementing the body with enzymes becomes crucial to prevent further complications. Enzymes serve as catalysts that push essential chemical reactions in the body in the right direction.  Without proper supplementation, the body will lose its internal balance.

For nearly 20 years, Xtreme Sports Workout blend has been at the heart of Systemic Enzyme Therapy– the use and supplementation of systemic enzymes for optimal cell, tissue, organ and metabolic function.  

Xtreme Sports Workout has been formulated with an ample supply of various proteases to support the body’s immune system and breakdown free-roaming CICs that can keep the body in a constant state of discomfort. Enteric-coated Serrapeptase highlights this powerful blend of proteolytic enzymes with its scientifically proven fibrinolytic power. Xtreme Sports Workout also contains papain and bromelain, enzymes known for their potent systemic beneficial properties.

In addition to these systemic proteases, lipase and amylase are included to offer their own enzyme activity to bolster the body with extra catalytic energy. And for extra synergy, Xtreme Sports Workout is well-rounded with anti-oxidant support in the form of Rutin and Amla, herbs well known for their unique bioflavonoid content, especially useful for tissue rejuvenation and recovery. Various proteases in Xtreme Sports Workout help break down proteins and amino acid chains, promoting total body support. This formula supports fatigued muscles and joint function, and promotes fibrin metabolism.




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Key Ingredients in VLife Xtreme Sports Workout

  • Enteric-coated Serrapeptase (phthalate Free): a powerful fibrinolytic enzyme.
  • Bromelain: Proteolytic enzyme found in the pineapple plant and know for immune support – supports blood circulation by breaking down fibrin.
  • Papain: Derived from papaya and supports the body’s natural immune response.
  • Lipase: Supports the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids that are needed for healthy circulation.
  • Amylase: Breaks down carbohydrates and starches into simple sugars. For added synergistic support.
  • Rutin: Bioflavonoid that provides antioxidant support and acts as a repairman supporting circulation.
  • Amla: Natural source of Vitamin C, supports regulatory immune response.

This special blend also offers its own enzyme activity to bolster the body with extra catalytic energy. Xtreme Sports Workout is rounded with anti-oxidant support in the form of herbs known for their unique ability to enhance Vitamins. This anti-oxidant support is especially useful for immune health. Our systemic enzyme blend is manufactured in a ISO 9001:2000 and GMP certified facility.

What Isn’t Inside VLife Xtreme Sports Workout

Xtreme Sports Workout is free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, animal derivatives, dairy, yeast, fish or shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. All individual enzymes are kosher-certified ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

VLife® is a registered trademark of Vital Products B.V Netherlands.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,cure,or prevent any disease.

What are Systemic Enzymes?

Systemic enzymes refers to the therapeutic use of natural enzymes to produce desired healing effects. Systemic enzymes are absorbed in te small intestine where they enter the bloodstream and where they carry out desired benefits throughout the body.

What are Proteolytic enzymes?

Proteolytic enzymes break down proteins into their building-blocks, which are called amino acids. Systemic proteolytic enzymes are responsible for breaking down accumulated protein and waste substances found in the circulatory system and connective tissue.  Regular systemic proteolytic enzyme use can improve circulation.

What is fibrin?

Fibrin is a protein-based substance that is needed to help blood coagulation, playing a substantial role in immune response. When the body responds to injury or chronic inflammation, fibrin is recruited to the damaged area to form scar tissue. Although the body is equipped with plasmin, a naturally occurring enzyme responsible for breaking down excess fibrin, plasmin levels progressively decrease as we age. This actually increases the risk for excessive, undesirable scar tissue formation in the body.

Why is it important to take Xtreme Sports Workout on an empty stomach?

Since most absorption occurs in the small intestine, the systemic enzymes must bypass the stomach to gain access there. If the enzymes are taken with food, they will likely begin working to break down your food within the stomach, rather than passing through to the small intestine. Taking systemic enzymes like Xtreme Sports Workout with food will compromise their absorption, as well as their effectiveness.

Does Xtreme Sports Workout have an enteric coating?

Yes, the serrapeptase in Xtreme Sports Workout is enterically coated. While similar systemic enzymes may have the same active ingredients, most do not utilize enteric coating. The purpose of enteric coating is to protect the enzyme from the acidic environment of the stomach. High activity level is preserved until the enzymes reach the small intestine, where absorption into the bloodstream takes place. While the enteric coating can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach, the alkaline environment of the small intestine will disintegrate the enteric coating, allowing the enzyme to be active within the bloodstream.

Do you use phthalates in your enteric coating?

No, our enteric coating does not use or contain phthalates. We use Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC) for our enteric coating. Compared to other commonly used enteric coating agents such as Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP) and Hydroxypropyl Methycellulose Phthalate (HPMCP), MAAC is the most gastro-resistant and does not carry the same risks. Additionally, MAAC is approved for use by the European Food Safety Authority.

How long should I take Xtreme Sports Workout before feeling results?

The length of time to experience the benefits of systemic enzymes varies by individual. Some people notice a difference within days. For others, it’s a week or 10 days. For long-term benefits, it’s important to take systemic enzymes consistently over several months. New systemic enzyme users should start off slow, with one capsule, three times daily. After three to four days of proven tolerance, the dose can be increased to a 2 capsules, 3 times per day.  Some consumers find their ideal dose between 9-12 capsules per day, while others only need 3-6. There are several factors that may affect required dosage, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Tolerance
  • Time of administration (better absorbed on an empty stomach)
  • Adherence to regimen
  • Nutritional state

What if I miss a dose?

Regular, consistent use of systemic enzymes will provide the best results. However, missed doses of systemic enzymes do not have serious repercussions. Although symptoms alleviated by systemic enzyme therapy may resurface, getting back on track by remembering to take your next dose will suffice. There is no need to “double up,” on one dose – and remember, systemic enzymes are best absorbed on an empty stomach.

Are there any side effects involved with Xtreme Sports Workout?

The use of Xtreme Sports Workout has not been shown to exhibit detrimental effects, neither long term nor short term. Just as dosage requirements vary, side effects may vary.  Although gastrointestinal disturbances have been stated by a small percentage of new users, tolerance is maintained once the dosage is adjusted. Minor allergic reactions, like reddening of the skin, are also rare occurrences, and can be seen with extremely high doses. There are no known interactions with prescription or over the counter drugs while using systemic enzyme therapy. However, if you are on blood-thinning medications or if you are pregnant it is recommended that you consult with your physician about starting systemic enzymes.

Can I take Xtreme Sports Workout with other systemic enzymes?

Systemic enzymes may be taken together, yielding desirable results, as long as they are taken on an empty stomach. In fact, it is often recommended that systemic enzymes be combined. Products like Xtreme Sports Workout and Serrapeptase often have synergistic effects when taken together. This means that the separate products work together to produce advantageous results. By combining and enhancing the activity of the enzymes, their effects on the healing process are more attainable.

Can I take Xtreme Sports Workout with digestive enzymes?

Although digestive and systemic enzymes are not contraindicated in terms of ingredients, they cannot be taken at the same time. The purpose of digestive enzymes is to aid in digestion of specific foods, so taking them with food is an obvious recommendation. Because systemic enzymes require an empty stomach for maximum absorption, they must be taken separately from digestive enzymes. There are no adverse interactions between systemic and digestive enzymes, but they serve different purposes and thus should be taken as directed for best results.

How to Take Xtreme Sports Workout?

Take on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals).

  • Days 1-5: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.
  • Days 6-11: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day.
  • Day 12+: Take 3 capsules, 3 times a day, if needed. Otherwise, continue with 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.



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