Where Vital Beauty is headed in 2020

The beauty industry is slowly but surely shifting to clean and sustainable products. Last year we saw an explosion in natural, clean, and vital beauty products. This movement grows exponentially, and it’s thanks to health-conscious consumers like you. Without the increased demand for non-toxic products, the market wouldn’t be where it is today. What are the trends that we can expect for 2020? Read on to find out where we think that Vital Beauty is headed in 2020.

Vital Beauty Trends 2020

1. Beauty gets serious about using less.

First of all, we expect that brands will move towards refillable, reusable, and biodegradable products. Use less ingredients in general. As consumers start paying attention to product ingredients, we anticipate to see more simple formulations. Consumers want to be able to recognize and pronounce each ingredient. The general shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly products also contributes to this trend. Fewer ingredients have less of an environmental impact. One example of this is waterless skincare. Waterless skincare is a relatively new concept, but one that makes sense. With water being the beauty industry’s most commonly used ingredient, it makes sense that the industry moves away from the large water consumption.

2. Classics make a cleaner comeback.

Many classic brands might start to produce product lines that are safe, natural, and high-performing. This is because today, more than ever, companies can produce and formulate products with natural and powerful ingredients. This seems like a rather logical step. Many people realize they are eating organic foods and are paying attention to overall well-being, but are not putting that same focus into their beauty products. Classic brands do not want to loose their loyal customers, and therefore introduce cleaner products and product lines.

3. Vital beauty gets even more personalized and inclusive.

Everyone is different, and their skin needs different products with different qualities. Furthermore, beauty consumers crave individuality. Next to that, one of the biggest critiques of new and existing beauty brands is the lack of diversity. We expect that many companies will create more personalized and inclusive products. For example, we expect that ‘sensitive skincare’ gets trendy. In the past, “sensitive skin” brands could be plain and simple. Now? Sensitive skin is in—and the sensitive skin brands are all the rage. Furthermore, we expect that beauty will get more inclusive, where both ends of the skin color spectrum — light and dark — will be available everywhere.

4. In the name of sustainability, ingredients get interesting.

The hunt for unique, one-of-a-kind ingredients has always been at the core of beauty. The driving force behind today’s new ingredients? Sustainability: natural, organic, clean. This year we’ve seen an explosion of creative and innovative ingredients, sourced from the most unlikely of spots. An example is the skincare line of Birkenstock. Their hero ingredient is derived from the cork they use to make their shoes. The substance reduces skin redness, stimulates collagen formation, and can protect against free radicals. And it’s harvested from the bark of the cork trees, making the process much more eco- and planet-friendly.

What do you think of these trends? Do you expect the same trends, or are you expecting other trends? Check out our Vital Beauty Products here.