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Vital Products was brought to life because of our passion for a vital lifestyle and our ambition to share it with the rest of the world. With this in mind, we provide our customers with the most essential probiotic products, brought by the dedicated and innovative suppliers under our umbrella. Ultimately, they are the driving force behind our three most important pillars.

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Explore our online store and discover the range of probiotic products we have to offer. For example, view all beauty-enhancing products in our Probiotics Beauty section or treat your dog or cat with probiotic food in our Probiotics Pet section. In addition, we have a complete collection of essential oils and supplements in our Probiotics Health section. So let yourself be surprised by our extensive range!

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The probiotic products we sell on our platform are of the highest possible quality to ensure that they contribute to a vital life. Naturally, this means that we choose our suppliers with the greatest care. We specifically try to build a reliable and healthy relationship with them. This allows us to assure you that we offer you a complete, high-quality and environmentally responsible collection of vital probiotics products. Click here to read more about our practices.

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Blog about Ashwagandha, the picture shows the plant itself.
Blog about Ashwagandha, the picture shows the plant itself.

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At Vital Products we know how important your health is to you. Such an essential part of your well-being must be treated with the utmost care. Logically, we only offer you the highest quality probiotic products for you.

Highest quality

Green Choice is an ambitious and integrated partnership set up to develop a sustainable way of producing and consuming probiotic products. In this way, our natural environment also stays in shape.

Green Choice

With the right diet and daily exercise, you are well on your way to a healthy life. Each individual faces their own challenges on their way to a vital lifestyle. We strive to fulfil all your needs with our complete range of probiotics.

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